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TALENT: Training in Advanced Low Energy Nuclear Theory
Training the next generation of nuclear physicists
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About the Board

The TALENT Board consists of the Director and co-Directors and an additional six members, three from Europe and three from North America, drawn from the TALENT membership. The Board represents different subfields of low energy nuclear theory and oversees project integration and coordination among the subfields. See the TALENT Charter for details on the Board functions and procedures.

Current Board Members

Dick Furnstahl (Ohio)

North America Co-Director:

Europe Co-Director:
Morten Hjorth-Jensen (Norway and Michigan, USA)

Northern American Board members:
Chuck Horowitz (Indiana)
Filomena Nunes (Michigan)
Martin Savage (U. Washington)

European Board Members:
Pierre Capel (Germany)
Jacek Dobaczewski (Poland, Finland, and UK)
Christian Forssen (Sweden)
Francesca Gulminelli (France)