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TALENT: Training in Advanced Low Energy Nuclear Theory
Training the next generation of nuclear physicists
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TALENT Courses

The TALENT initiative originally singled out five main scientific themes to be covered by TALENT courses:

  1. Advanced few- and many-body methods
  2. Theoretical modeling of nuclear phenomena
  3. Nuclear astrophysics
  4. Physics of weakly-bound and open quantum systems
  5. Advanced high-performance computing topics and numerical algorithms.

The content of the main themes were originally broken down in nine courses, with a tenth course added later:

The first theme (advanced few- and many-body methods) is covered by the first four courses; the second theme (theoretical modeling of nuclear phenomena) is covered by the fifth course and the sixth course; the third theme (nuclear astrophysics) is covered by the seventh course; the fourth theme (physics of weakly-bound and open quantum systems) is covered by course eight. The fifth theme (advanced high- performance computing topics and numerical algorithms) is covered by the ninth course. The tenth course covers the additional theme of fundamental symmetries and neutrinos and the eleventh course covers uncertainty quantification.