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TALENT course lecture videos available
The TALENT course Density Functional Theory and Self-Consistent Methods was held at the University of York in York, UK, from July 17 to August 6, 2016. The principal lecturers were Jacek Dobaczewski, Andrea Idini, Alessandro Pastore, and Nicolas Schunck. Videos of the lectures and written materials are freely available.
First FRIB-CSC Fellows selected
Five scientists have been selected as the first Facility for Rare Isotope Beams-Chinese Scholarship Council research fellows. Funding for the fellows is provided by the CSC, which will support five fellows every year for two-year visits at U.S. labs and universities involved in FRIB science. The fellow candidates were selected by a joint U.S.-China committee and placed in U.S. research groups interested in hosting a fellow. Theorist Dr. Yinu Zhang of Peking University will be joining the Ohio State University group.
Inaugural meeting of the FRIB Theory Alliance
A meeting marking the creation of the FRIB-TA was held on March 31 and April 1 at Michigan State University. It was very well attended, with many FRIB-TA members present and others observing by videocast. The meeting agenda featured excellent speakers (slides) and discussion of the FRIB-TA charter (which was ratified by the community) and FRIB-TA initiatives.
FRIB Theory Fellow selected
The FRIB Theory Fellow Search Committee has selected a new fellow to reside at Michigan State University. Dr. Gregory Potel was the selected candidate and started in May, 2016.