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First FRIB-CSC Fellows selected
Five scientists have been selected as the first Facility for Rare Isotope Beams-Chinese Scholarship Council research fellows. Funding for the fellows is provided by the CSC, which will support five fellows every year for two-year visits at U.S. labs and universities involved in FRIB science. The fellow candidates were selected by a joint U.S.-China committee and placed in U.S. research groups interested in hosting a fellow. Theorist Dr. Yinu Zhang of Peking University will be joining the Ohio State University group.
Inaugural meeting of the FRIB Theory Alliance
A meeting marking the creation of the FRIB-TA was held on March 31 and April 1 at Michigan State University. It was very well attended, with many FRIB-TA members present and others observing by videocast. The meeting agenda featured excellent speakers (slides) and discussion of the FRIB-TA charter (which was ratified by the community) and FRIB-TA initiatives.
FRIB Theory Fellow selected
The FRIB Theory Fellow Search Committee has selected a new fellow to reside at Michigan State University. Dr. Gregory Potel was the selected candidate and started in May, 2016.