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FRIB Theory Alliance EUSTIPEN Program [Application form]


The Europe-U.S. Theory Institute for Physics with Exotic Nuclei (EUSTIPEN) has been established in order to facilitate collaborations between U.S.-based and Europe-based scientists whose main research thrust is in the area of the physics of nuclei. U.S. participation in EUSTIPEN is in the form of travel grants and subsistence grants to ECT* in Trento to those individuals who are interested in collaborating with European scientists. EUSTIPEN’s purview is in the area of physics of or with exotic nuclei, including nuclear structure and reaction theory, nuclear astrophysics, and tests of the standard model using exotic nuclei. Funding for EUSTIPEN is being provided through the FRIB Theory Alliance by the Office of Nuclear Physics of the U. S. Department of Energy.

If you have an interest in forging new or continuing collaborations with European colleagues, this travel grant is for you. Students and postdocs are encouraged to apply.


The purpose of EUSTIPEN is to deliver an international venue for research on the physics of nuclei during an era of investigations on rare isotopes. The EUSTIPEN program is intended to fund travel grants to the European Centre for Theoretical Studies in Nuclear Physics and Related Areas (ECT*) in Trento (Italy) for nuclear theorists and students whose current primary institutional affiliation is with a U.S. university, national laboratory, or other research center. Currently, two kinds of EUSTIPEN grants are considered:

  1. Travel grants for collaboration meetings at ECT* with Europe-based colleagues. For such visits, EUSTIPEN will provide travel and local support in Trento. Funding for Europe-based collaborators to visit ECT* should be provided by European funding sources;
  2. Travel grants for junior scientists and postdocs to attend workshops and training programs at ECT*. Support for senior researchers to attend ECT* workshops will be provided in exceptional cases, e.g., when no local support can be provided by ECT* (e.g., when a program is oversubscribed).


  1. U.S. scientists seeking to visit ECT* via EUSTIPEN should fill out the Web application form. Applications will be reviewed by the Steering Committee and decisions on acceptance will be made in a timely manner. To facilitate planning, application should be made no later than two months prior to departure.
  2. The EUSTIPEN grant will cover round-trip travel on U.S. carriers compliant with the fly America Act, (coach fares) and train travel (2nd class) from the arrival airport in Europe to Trento.
  3. The EUSTIPEN award will provide for hotel or other housing with a detail receipt in Trento at a maximum rate allowed by the US Department of State Office of Allowances Per Diem rates. If the flight schedule requires it, the grant will also pay for a single night at a hotel close to the airport at the lowest available rate. A flat per diem of $55.00/day (Br-13; Lu-14; Di-23; Incidentals-5) will be paid with the exception of provided meals. If the maximum rates are exceeded, the excess should be covered by other sources.
  4. ECT* Susan Driessen, email driessen@ectstar.eu will assist EUSTIPEN visitors with local arrangements.
  5. Awardees should cover all travel expenses and seek reimbursement by submitting all necessary receipts to FRIB Theory Alliance research administrator Gillian Olson (olson@frib.msu.edu) after the trip is completed.

    PLEASE NOTE: Airfare must comply with Fly America Act and the Open Skies Agreement
    Flight must be least expensive flight (economy class) possible given dates, airports and connections.
    Does not include personal time/travel. We consider business dates for international travel to be arriving the day before the start of the program and leaving the day after the program ends. For example, you could arrive the Sunday before the start of the program if the program starts on a Monday, and fly out the Saturday after the end of the program if the program ends on a Friday.
    If you are receiving airfare reimbursement from the program and choose to travel outside of the program dates or choose none direct routing (not leaving from and returning to the same airport), you must obtain an airfare quote from Conlin Travel (msu@conlintravel.com) on the same date you purchase your ticket. If you do not obtain a cost comparison from Conlin Travel on the same date you purchase your airline ticket, you will not be eligible for airfare reimbursement. When you receive an airfare quote, you will be reimbursed at the lower ticket rate.
    Sample email — Use the dates that you would be required to travel if only attending the program. Usually it is travel the Saturday before the Monday that the meeting starts and the Saturday after the meeting ends if the meeting ends on a Friday.
    Please email me an airfare quote for the following roundtrip itinerary, if purchased dd/mm/yy and Fly America compliant:
    dd/mm/yy DTW – VCE
    dd/mm/yy VCE – DTW
    Once you receive an email reply, forward the email to me.
  6. If at all possible, all receipts have to be submitted within 7 days of your return. Claims past 31 days after the trip will not be processed.
  7. Awardees are expected to write a 1 page exit report describing their work in Trento. This information will help us track EUSTIPEN's success. The report should be sent to Jorge Piekarewicz (jpiekarewicz@fsu.edu) with a copy to Gillian Olson (olson@frib.msu.edu).
  8. EUSTIPEN support should be acknowledged in publications resulting from visits to or work at EUSTIPEN. Recommended phrasing: “This work was supported partially through EUSTIPEN (Europe-U.S. Theory Institute for Physics with Exotic Nuclei), which is supported by FRIB Theory Alliance under DOE grant number DE-SC0013617.”

For questions or more information on EUSTIPEN, please contact jpiekarewicz@fsu.edu.

EUSTIPEN Steering Committee