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FRIB-TA Initiatives with Calls

See the full list of FRIB-TA initiatives. Follow the links here for details of the calls for specific programs:

FRIB-TA Topical Programs

The FRIB Theory Alliance has introduced the FRIB-TA topical programs, which will bring together up to 30 theorists and experimentalists for a period of up to three weeks to address particular issues relevant for the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams. Researchers are expected, during that time, to discuss the problem, identify strategies and collaborate on solutions. At the end of the topical program, a deliverable must be made available. The programs will be hosted at FRIB and the FRIB Theory Alliance will support local costs for participants.

2019 Call for Proposals [deadline February 1, 2019, see below]

We are now soliciting proposals for programs to run in the Summer/Fall of 2019:

The proposal for topical programs should not exceed 3 pages and should contain a description of the scientific project, covering the scientific motivation, the connection to FRIB (for example through the relevance to particular experiments), and specific deliverables. It should also include the names and affiliations of critical experts that are needed for the effort to be successful and who intend to participate in the program for a significant fraction of time.

Proposals must be submitted by February 1st, 2019, by email to horowit@indiana.edu *and* olson@frib.msu.edu. The selection will be made by the FRIB-TA Board by the end of February.

Please look at the Previous ICNT programs for examples of the types of programs intended (e.g., The r-process nucleosynthesis: connecting FRIB with the cosmos). If you have questions, please contact Chuck Horowitz (horowit@indiana.edu).

FRIB Theory Fellows

An important component of the FRIB-TA has been the FRIB Theory Fellow Program. FRIB Theory Fellows are highly qualified individuals with exceptional potential. They are expected to have the independence of action of faculty/staff and to develop a high-caliber research effort relevant to rare-isotope science. The initial appointment is for two years, and may be extended up to a total of five years. There are currently two Fellows: one at FRIB/MSU and the other at Los Alamos National Laboratory. The new operating grant plans to increase the number of FRIB Theory Fellows by two. These new positions will be in concert with a Partner Institution.

The FRIB Theory Fellow Search Committee is soliciting Partner Institutions to host an FRIB Theory Fellow. If you are interested in partnering with the FRIB-TA on the fellow program, please review the FRIB-TA Theory Fellows: Guidance for Searches. Note that these guidelines have been reviewed recently.

Please communicate your interest to Erich Ormand (ormand1@llnl.gov) and/or Charlotte Elster (elster@ohio.edu), co-chairs of the Search Committee, as soon as possible. The proposed timeline for the search is:

Partner Institutions will be identified in the advertisement announcing the position and need to identify a senior researcher who will act as the local host for the Fellow. Partner Institutions will have a representative on the Search Committee during the interview process. These extra members will participate in the selection of the short list and in all interviews. After the interviews, the partner institution search-committee members can give their assessment of each candidate, but will not participate in the final selection of the Fellow. If any of the permanent members of the Search Committee represent a Partner Institution, they will be replaced by another member of the FRIB-TA in order to provide five voting members of the Search Committee.

The FRIB Theory Fellow will be an MSU employee and the Partner Institution will execute a sub-recipient agreement with MSU. The funding required from the Partner Institution to MSU is approximately $60k pending final negotiations. 

FRIB Bridge Faculty program

The FRIB Theory Alliance (FRIB-TA) is a coalition of scientists from universities and national laboratories who seek to foster advancements in theory related to the diverse areas of science associated with the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams. The Theory Bridge Program is one of several initiatives introduced by the FRIB-TA and aims to enhance opportunities for Theory Faculty hires at Universities or Theory Staff hires at National Laboratories, in the areas of low-energy nuclear physics. Each bridge position will support a new faculty member at a University or a new staff member at a National Laboratory with a 50% cost share with the host institution for a period of up to six years, starting the 2019-2020 Academic year.

The FRIB-TA invites all departments at universities and national laboratories participating in FRIB-TA science (see fribtheoryalliance.org), with an interest in partnering with the FRIB-TA in the Bridge Program, to submit a proposal. Further details and guidance in preparing such proposals are available here. For any clarifications, please contact the FRIB-TA managing director (nunes@nscl.msu.edu).

The proposals should be sent electronically to the Chair of the FRIB-TA Bridge Committee, Baha Balantekin (baha@physics.wisc.edu), by August 1, 2018. Subject to the availability of funding, the results of the selection will be made public through the FRIB-TA webpage and communicated to all applicants. With this timeline, the hosting institution is expected to develop a Memorandum of Understanding with FRIB-TA and initiate a search in Fall 2018 to fill the position as early as Spring 2019.