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FRIB Theory Alliance Mission and Initiatives

The mission of the FRIB Theory Alliance (FRIB-TA) is to foster advancements in theory related to diverse areas of FRIB science; optimize the coupling between theory and experiment; and stimulate the field by creating permanent theory positions across the country, attracting young talent through the national FRIB Theory Fellow Program, fostering interdisciplinary collaborations, and shepherding international initiatives.

In support of this mission, the FRIB-TA carries out a range of initiatives, including

FRIB-TA support for workshops, conferences and schools

Workshops, conferences and schools may request FRIB-TA funding if the topic aligns with the broad scientific vision of the FRIB-TA and if the FRIB-TA is involved in the organization early in the process. Funding can only be used to off-set actual costs for travel, lodging and per-diem for early career scientists, post-doctoral fellows or students involved in the activity. The FRIB-TA Director, with concurrence of the managing director, will make decisions regarding funding external activities and will consult with the FRIB-TA Board as necessary on these decisions.