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EUSTIPEN Request for a Travel Grant

Please step through the entry instructions, following the stated format.
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  1. First name:     Last name:
    You can put more than one name in either box as well as suffixes.
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  3. Position title:
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  6. Emergency contact information (required by MSU):
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  7. Citizenship (if not U.S.):
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  8. Event name:
  9. Select one or more:
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  10. Departure date (yyyy-mm-dd):
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  11. Purpose for travel:
    Choose from Speaker, Collaborator, Participant, Organizer, Other (specify)
  12. For ongoing collaborations, list 1-2 relevant publications:
  13. Senior researchers only: provide justification for support (see EUSTIPEN policy ii)
  14. When you have filled in all the blanks, press .