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Latest FRIB-TA Meeting

FRIB-TA Annual Meeting August 10, 2018 at LECM
The FRIB-TA Annual Meeting took place concurrently with the Low Energy Community Meeting on the 10th of August, 2018 in East Lansing. FRIB-TA members participated in the morning plenary session, which is joint with the Nuclear Structure 2018 conference, and then held a break out in the afternoon with the FRIB-TA meeting. This contained a first session with reports from the various committees and a second part with the science highlights of those activities the FRIB-TA is directly supporting. Other details are at the LECM Program. FRIB-TA Annual Meeting Agenda.

Past FRIB-TA Meetings

FRIB-TA Annual Meeting August 2-4, 2017 at LECM
The FRIB-TA Annual Meeting was held on August 3 and 4 during the Low Energy Community Meeting (LECM) at Argonne National Laboratory (full program).
On the afternoon of Wednesday, August 2 the FRIB Day 1 Science workshop explored the reach and nature of programs possible with early FRIB beams and the theory in support of these programs. Many FRIB-TA members contributed input to the talks by the speakers/conveners.  
The FRIB-TA Annual Meeting on August 3 included the FRIB-TA Town Meeting (slides), talks by FRIB-TA Fellows Diego Lonardoni (slides) and Gregory Potel (slides) and discussions of FRIB Day-1 topics based on material presented at the FRIB Day-1 Science Workshop and FRIB-TA contributions to the FRIB Day-1 science program (slides). Witek Nazarewicz gave a summary of the FRIB-TA Annual Meeting to the entire LECM on August 4.